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Saturday, 16 August 2014

All In The Family – The Liberal Party ideology, driving us all backwards in cars we can’t afford | Wixxyleaks

All In The Family – The Liberal Party ideology, driving us all backwards in cars we can’t afford | Wixxyleaks

All In The Family – The Liberal Party ideology, driving us all backwards in cars we can’t afford

As Bill Shorten launched his
campaign “One Year of Abbott Lies” to expose Tony Abbott’s broken
promises within the Coalition there is a lot of anger, denial, and
back-downs, many in the Coalition were hitting panic buttons.

While Bill Shorten may have created a
colossal job for himself given that Tony Abbott seems to be breaking
promises almost daily, the Coalition are stumbling all over themselves
on a number of issues.

Joe Hockey in particular has come out with his angry pants on regarding Fairfax uncovering Treasury documents
that show that Joe Hockey was aware that those who are on the lower end
of the socio-economic scale would be hardest hit by the budget.

Joes defence so far has been to attack
Fairfax for exposing these documents, if this had happened to a Labor
Government via News Ltd I am sure he would have praised News Ltd for
enlightening the public. Shooting the messenger is not only desperate,
it is just plain stupid. Does Joe Hockey really think he is beyond

No matter what Sloppy Joe, Phoney
Abbott, and those in the Coalition and right-wing media might have you
believe, the problems facing the country are not born of economics, nor
are they about the ability to govern.

The issues now confronting Australia are all about Party ideology.

Think of Eric Abetz and the ridiculous
abortion linked with breast cancer interview regarding his planned
attendance at an event held by the “World Congress Of Families” a
right-wing religious group that has more in common with Westboro
Baptists than any credible medical agency.

But still if you thought Eric Abetz
made a goose of himself aligning himself with these freaks, how bad does
Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews look?

Kevin Andrews is an international ambassador for the World Congress Of Families.

The World Congress Of Families are not just your average bunch of fruitcakes, they are the extra nutty type.

It is not just their strange and
scientifically disproven views on breast cancer and abortion either.
Although if one ever wanted to know what type of organisation would try
to milk a disease that kills thousands of women each year to their own
advantage and misconstrue it to suit their political agenda, one needs
look no further than the World Congress Of Families.

The World Congress Of Families
are anti-divorce, anti-contraception, anti-abortion, anti the womans
right to choose, and anti-most of the things that women have fought for
decades to achieve.

They are also extremely opposed to
homosexuality, and radically opposed to anything that may see same-sex
couples less discriminated against.

However what I find most alarming is
how much this group is opposed to single mothers and how they believe
that single mothers are one of societies biggest drain on resources as
well as damaging to societies moral fabric. They are portrayed by this
group as nothing more than a scourge on society at large.

I find this alarming as the groups
Australian ambassador Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews, is the
Minister that controls the welfare payments for single parents and
family payments.

I don’t think I would be alone in
finding it entirely inappropriate that we would have a Minister in
charge of the living standards of citizens he promotes hate speech

This would be along the lines of having a misogynist as Minister for Women.  Oh, hang on…

Kevin Andrews - Thought the Stepford Wives was a documentary?
Kevin Andrews – Thought the Stepford Wives was a documentary?

We all know about the proposed changes
to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. The changes that were
being pushed by Attorney General George Brandis because he thought that
every Australian had the right to be a bigot, especially Andrew Bolt.

Although the rug was eventually pulled out
from under him on this matter, it is clear from his comments that his
changes were based on ideology rather than any real need for change.

Perhaps one of the best examples that
shows how decisions are being made based on ideology rather than advice
or logic is the Coalitions answer to the unemployment rate.

Recently the unemployment rate was shown to have skyrocketed to 6.4%. That is up approximately 28% from when Labor was running the country and the real adults were in charge.

So what is the plan that is going to see one million jobs created as Abbott promised during his election campaign?

Employment Minister Eric Abetz has a plan, and that is working for the dole.
To his credit Abetz has been consistent in ignoring every piece of
professional advice offered by experts on the subject. Mr Abetz has
instead taken the view based on his ideology that punishing the
unemployed into employment will work better than creating jobs.

In fact, so confident is Abetz that it
doesn’t seem to matter that every job being done by a welfare recipient
is one job less for a hopeful employee or small business.

Yet another example of this ideological approach to policy is the utter gall of Joe Hockey.

His callous disregard for those
families who are struggling with the cost of living by forcing them do
the heavy lifting while the rich get off lightly was recently exposed.
Joes answer to this was to lash out at the media for daring to question
him. Remember this is a government that were elected for claiming they
would lower the cost of living, so far the cost of living has only risen
along with unemployment levels.

With the cost of living already rising,
we need to be paying more for petrol like we need a gammy leg. However
that won’t stop Mr Hockey as he seeks to increase the fuel excise.

But that doesn’t matter, poor people either don’t have cars or don’t drive far according to Sloppy Joe.

Although as the picture below tells us,
they certainly drive to the doctor out west, luckilly Joe plans to slug
them with a sick tax.


Some of Sydney’s poorest areas with
some of the most struggling families living in what is close to poverty,
or some beyond it, these areas must be attractive to the rich folk. I
can only come to this conclusion as whenever I drive through one of
these areas there seem to be a lot of cars about. By Sloppy Joes logic
these must be rich folk going there to have a look around, perhaps
stopping by for a picnic or something, as in these areas residents
certainly wouldn’t own a car, or drive it as far as the shops.

Unbeknownst to Mr Hockey, the fact is
most of us do drive, while those in the lower socio-economic areas tend
to drive further because they are in outer suburbs and have less access
to public transport.

Joe may not be aware of it, but there
is an entire industry surrounding poor people and car ownership. It is
the repossession industry and thanks to a new Federal government, rising
unemployment, and the rising cost of living and cost of doing business,
it is boom time in this industry.

Maybe that’s Abbott’s one million jobs plan, one million new repo men?

You peasants will never have one of these....
You peasants will never have one of these….
Joe also forgets that people in the
poorer suburbs still eat, and buy groceries that have the cost of
freight built into their pricing. Increasing freight costs by raising
the fuel excises impacts on grocery prices.

With State elections fast approaching
in both NSW and Victoria it is worth reminding ourselves of the Liberal
Party ideology so that we can decide for ourselves who has our best
interests in mind and who is trying to lead us up the garden path.

Victoria I’m sure has similar regions to some of those that I will be talking about in NSW.

We hear an awful lot about Sydney’s Western Suburbs every time there is an Election be it state or federal.

In the upcoming NSW election there will
be two areas of the state that receive a lot of special attention, one
is the Newcastle/Hunter region and the other is of course Western

Both of these regions on low on the
socio-economic scale, both are full of struggling families, both
struggle with high unemployment particularly youth unemployment, and
both have recently felt the sting of Liberal controlled councils on top
of a Liberal State Government.

In the Newcastle region we have seen the railway no longer going all the way into Newcastle,
as the last two stations are to be closed so the land can be sold off
to developers, and we have those in the outer regions of the Hunter area
scared to death from the threat of Coal Seam Gas Miners
as they sniff at farmers gates. The now conservative controlled region
has also seen little or nothing done to curb the youth unemployment
crisis that has hit the area.

What they have seen is two of their Liberal Party State MP’s resign from parliament after evidence of corruption
aired against them at ICAC which will force a bi-election in the coming
weeks in two seats. They have also heard evidence of the Newcastle’s
City Mayor handing out bags of cash to these corrupt politicians which
is alleged to have come via developers. All of this while public
services such as the railway are being taken from the community and
handed over to developers.

Welcome to Conservative Newcastle.

In Sydney’s West we also face a skyrocketing youth unemployment crisis.

For those wealthy enough to afford a
car, or to be able to drive further than around the block, we not only
face Sloppy Joes increased fuel tax, but we are also told that the
Liberals want to reintroduce the toll onto the M4,
which will drastically increase the cost of transport for some, and
further assist in efforts to make Parramatta Rd even more of a congested

We have seen the contempt that the
Liberals have for those of us that live in the area by the way Liberal
controlled councils have treated their citizens.

In Blacktown for example the council are kicking residents out of their homes, they have attempted to close down child care centres, they have closed down one public pool and seek to close another,
they have jacked up the council rates for pensioners by scrapping the
pensioner discount, and they are currently seeking to strip 30 parks
from the public. One Liberal councilor even made disgusting derogatory
comments in council that I won’t repeat about aged pensioners and those
with disabilities, these comments led to a walkout by Labor councilors
forcing the meeting to be shut down due to not having enough councilors
present to form a quorum.

Closing parks, pools, and child care
centres and opening them up to developers may seem extreme to some, but
not when you have a Mayor like Liberal Len Robinson with a
strata-management background.

Sign of the times...
Sign of the times… Selling parks to pay for parks? Liberal logic at it’s best
It would seem that these Liberals have
an ideological desire to treat those who are struggling as pawns in
their chess game of life. Just things to be shuffled about and
sacrificed to protect the King, which of course is the almighty dollar,
or on occasion some sort of perverted religious or discriminatory

People however have wised up since the last time we voted.

People have seen the attitudes of those
in charge in Canberra, and people have smelt the stench of corruption
on a massive scale from Liberal Party headquarters in NSW.

I think the upcoming bi-elections in
Newcastle and Charlestown we be a telling litmus test and will give a
great indication of just how duped Australia feels.

Bring it on.

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