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Friday, 30 January 2015

Every football team needs a head-kicker but you don’t make him captain - The AIM Network

Every football team needs a head-kicker but you don’t make him captain - The AIM Network

Every football team needs a head-kicker but you don’t make him captain

The Liberal Party has no-one else to blame but themselves for
their current woes.  When they allowed the climate change deniers to
stage a coup and install their puppet as leader they set themselves up
for this fall.

Tony is a populist ideologue which is a contradiction within itself. 
He is a self-described weathervane, changing his views with the
prevailing wind of the polls, intermingled with bizarre captain’s calls,
a confused allegiance to a Church he lambasted when one of its own, an
anachronistic devotion to the monarchy, and a sycophantic need to

As Laurie Oakes said, Tony has had more positions on climate change and an ETS than the Karma Sutra.

He has also done a complete turnaround on federal/state relationships.  In his book Battlelines he said

“…the only way to sort out responsibilities in areas where the two
levels of government are both involved is to put one level of government
in overall charge.”

By “one level of government”, Abbott was explicit that he meant the Commonwealth.

Only a few years on and Tony changed his mind saying there should be
“much more local control of schools and hospitals” and much less
“federal interference with the way state bureaucracies run schools and

And then there is Tony’s signature Paid Parental Leave policy.  In 2002, he told a Liberal Party function in Victoria:

“Compulsory paid maternity leave? Over this Government’s dead body, frankly.”

When it became apparent that Tony was very unpopular with women, he,
with no consultation or modelling or costing, went in the total opposite
direction by announcing the most generous PPL in the world.

is supposedly “dead, buried and cremated” but the Productivity
Commission has been instructed to review minimum wage, penalty rates,
unfair dismissal laws, enterprise bargaining and individual contracts. 
Reg will now be known as Loretta.

How is anyone to understand what Tony Abbott stands for when it appears his words mean nothing?

For example, on the ABC’s Insiders on September 1, 2013, Tony Abbott stated:

“I want to give people this absolute assurance, no cuts to education,
no cuts to health, no changes to pensions and no changes to the GST.”

And on September 6, 2013, the day before the 2013 Federal Election,
Tony Abbott again ruled out any changes to the GST while speaking to Neil Mitchell on 3AW:

NEIL MITCHELL:   So what are the no-go zones?

TONY ABBOTT:   Well, if you can be more efficient,
obviously you should be more efficient. There’s no point preserving
inefficiency if efficiency is possible. What we aren’t going to do is
we’re not going to cut health spending, we’re not going to cut education
spending. We’re not going to reduce pensions, we’re not going to change
the GST – all of the scares that Kevin Rudd has been hyperventilating
over, over the last few weeks is simple nonsense.

It is apparent that Tony has no problem lying to get what he wants. 
Perhaps this stems from his parents shielding him from the consequences
of his actions by employing senior legal teams to get Tony off several
youthful misdemeanors whilst encouraging his dreams of grandeur.

When asked today about the vastly higher popularity of Malcolm
Turnbull and Julie Bishop as preferred leader, Tony said “One of the
reasons why so many members of the team are able to perform so well is
because they have got a very good captain.”

You may be a good head-kicker Tony but you haven’t got a clue what it takes to be a captain.

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